Hola, and thanks for stopping by.

It’s probably best to describe my work as a combination of graphic design and art direction, but I’m not one for labels. I like to use research and experimentation as the foundation of any project. From there my influences are diverse; a wide range of cultures, approaches, languages and backgrounds tend to inform my process.

I’m also super curious about sociology and why we do what we do. So for me, design has become a way to ‘connect the dots’ as well as an opportunity to collaborate with people while creating things that make my senses happy. Cool, huh?

Outside the 9-5, I spend my free time with people who also enjoy scratching their heads. Be it working on fun/weird projects, volunteering for nonprofit initiatives, visiting nature, playing sports or even just napping in the park staring up at the sky – in a nutshell, doing good things with good people.

(and yes, I’m more than aware of what cliché that sounds like).

This space is currently under construction, but you can still contact me here

In the meantime...

Ciao Bacalao x