A year ago, adidas and Allbirds teamed up to design the lowest carbon footprint high-performance shoe so far. By opening up, sharing knowledge and resources, both brands accelerated change, rethinking every step in the process and iterating faster. Working virtually around the globe and the clock, to the speed of ideas, not travel.

From growing materials to end of life— using LCA methodology (Life Cycle Assessment) to calculate the emissions across the whole life cycle of the shoe, it turned out to be a total 2,94 Kg CO2e/pair.

This project ponders the 'footprint' we humans have already left on the planet to find ways to help shape our future more sustainably.

Donnie de Meijer, Kari Shaw, Scott Kooken, Maria Giorgiani, Javi García Velasco, Jake Graydon, Stefan McIntosh, Jessica Dekker, Caitriona Morgan, Ellyke Verkooyen, Will Lowe, Eleanor Fitzgerald

 ︎Footwear Detail Photography

︎Visual Direction Layouts

︎Action and Environment Photography
︎Online Product Launch

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