adidas Futurecraft.Loop

adidas lauched the first 100% recyclable high-performance shoe made from TPU. These shoes can be worn, grounded up and then melted back down into the raw material, eventually being turned into a pair of brand new shoes.

This global product launch was a one-time, invite-only event in New York for a selected group of 200 people from around the world. The event was the start of a journey as the first-ever generation of adidas’ groundbreaking product movement.

Nick Cline, Creative Director / Julien Lauret, Operations Director / Anne Cote, Art Director / Angela Bac, Graphic Designer & Art Director / Luca Cioni, Graphic Designer / Samara Van der Valk, Project Manager / Owen Silverhood, Product Photographer / Kim Wolffensperger, Producer / Eleanor Fitzgerald, Producer
In partnership with RESN and Sodium.

︎Product Shoot — Owen Silverhood
︎Willow’s Shoot

︎Event Location


︎Visual Direction Graphics